Emhart Teknologies – Mobile Innovation Center


KilatlezzatEmhart Fastening Teknologies has launched a second Mobile innovation Center (MIC) to travel throughout North America bringing design and engineering solutions and training programs to customer locations.

The sleek black. land cruiser provides a stark contrast to the existing MIC, a silver-colored tech center on wheels that has visited some 500 customer sites since going into service in the fall of 1995.

“The growing number of requests from customers and our field operations led to the addition of this second unit,” said Paul A. Gustafson, group president of Emhart Fastening Teknologies, who noted that a third MIC is planned for Europe.

The new MIC is similar in most respects to the present unit, Gustafson said. It is 36 feet long, weighs nine tons, and is laid out like a mini-tech center.

There is a small conference area in the forward section, which adjoins a product display and the new Mentor interactive design and engineering system that includes complete data on Emhart’s full line of 5,000 parts, tools, and assembly equipment.

A laboratory and test facility in the rear cabin features Emhart’s new TMP fiber optic stud welding system that conducts 25,000 power cycles per second and instantly analyzes and adjusts to the surface conditions of automotive sheet metal during the weld process.

In addition to technical support, the two MICs are fulfilling an important function of training and educating customers on the importance of fastening systems in the design and engineering of modern automobiles, Gustafson said.

“Suppliers are assuming greater roles in system design” he noted, “and it is crucial that all those involved in this process fully understand the importance of fastening components and assembly systems in cost controls, weight reduction, and quality enhancements.” Gustafson said that the MIC will be staffed on typical customer visits with two engineers, a sales manager, and a marketing executive from the company.

MIC II was unveiled during the opening of Emhart’s Innovation Center at the company’s automotive headquarters in Chesterfield Township outside Detroit. Emhart teknologies catalog is the first facility in North America devoted exclusively to fastening design, engineering, and assembly systems.

A division of Black & Decker,emhart fastening technology ltd is a $500-million company headquartered in Shelton, Conn., with 3,000 employees, 22 operating facilities in 18 countries, and research facilities in North America, Europe and Asia.

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