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Kilattech- Hello buddy, see you again with the funny flash admin. The admin will discuss the latest firebase web hosting 2020. The details are only in Kilat.

this time I start with what is he Firebase? Firebase i web hosting it is a product from Google that Firebase acts as the back-end application that we create. firebase is made for those of us who want to use not to worry about making complicated settings on the server, as firebase provides it.

However, in many cool firebase features we can use this real-time database where there is no need to refill / refresh to see new data from the database, also accommodation services to make our application public / visible to everyone and others. most important is SAFE !! (Direct Loh https), there is a cloud storage service for storing files, also authentication for user authentication for us easily and safely, and many other smokers are very firebase features.

1 (Install Firebase)

Before we touch firebase. Make sure your computer already has NPM (Node Package Manager) which we will use later to install the Firebase CLI, please refer to the NPM install guide. After the NPM is installed on your computer, please install the firebase CLI (Command Line Interface) by typing the following command

$ npm install -g firebase-tools

Please open the firebase website and make sure you already have a firebase account (register first, haha), after that press the go to console button (top right corner) and then feel free to create a new project.

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After creating a new project, the firebase page display will appear as below and keep going. Let’s Play Firebase

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On the left, there is a menu that we can use, but we will focus on the Develop menu. In that menu there are features such as Authentication, Database, Storage, Hosting, and Functions. Many? we will review one by one.

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