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Many companies claim to offer free cloud hosting, yet few offer anything worth using. What good is a “free” service when what you get is a disappointing combo of unreliable and excruciatingly slow? The best free cloud hosting services let you actually try their platforms, without any trickery or false promises.

Are there limitations on free hosting? Well, of course. Each host takes a different approach to its free plan, and they all offer paid upgrades to more powerful services. I’ve tried them myself and detailed exactly what you’ll get with each cloud platform and how you can use each to build your website or app.

Before we continue, a word of advice. To get the most out of free cloud hosting, you’ll need to put in quite a bit of time and effort. If you’re willing to pay (a bit!) to make your life a whole lot easier.

What We Look For in the Best Free Cloud Hosting Services

  • Reliability and uptime – It’s easy to give away cloud hosting like candy, but it takes the best, most cutting-edge infrastructure to make it really shine. These companies provide reliable, redundant servers, which translates to high uptime and blazing-fast speeds.
  • Multiple deployment locations – The best clouds aren’t made of a few servers located in Bangladesh, but of thousands of servers, located all over the globe, working together. Almost all services on this list provide multiple deployment options, ensuring that you’ll always have a nearby location promptly serving your visitors.
  • Access to resources – As I said before, free cloud hosting does come with limitations. What differentiates these guys from the rest is that the free tiers come with enough resources to actually test the service.
  • Scalability – With sub-par hosting, success is actually your biggest fear. It’s hardly scalable, so once you get some traffic, your website is going to grind to a halt. With the companies on this list, you always have room to grow.
  • Developer friendly – To develop the best apps in the least amount of time, you need a service that makes things easier. All the services on this list are developer-oriented, but a couple really go the extra mile in streamlining the process.

1. GearHost – The Simplest, Fastest Way to Get Started For Free

GearHost claims that it was “made with love in Arizona”. While I’m generally skeptical about things made with love in Arizona, I tried the service out and was really happy with what I saw. It took me minutes to get on-board and launch my free cloud instance, and the entire process was extremely well thought of.

The service has five different cloud plans, with the basic one being completely free to use, for life. After choosing the free plan, all it took to get started was a quick signup form and basic email verification. Some of the other services on this list require your credit card as an “insurance policy,” but GearHost didn’t ask for any payment details of any kind.

Keep in mind that there’s no root access available, so you’ll be relying solely on the interface for performing configurations. There are limitations to this approach. For example, you won’t be able to use development environments that aren’t .NET or PHP. Then again, it also simplifies the process of getting your cloud instance online, as you’ll never have to use the command line.

  • Free CloudSite – CloudSites, as GearHost calls them, are the company’s cloud plans. Up to five free CloudSites can be launched, and each one includes 100MB of storage space, 1GB of bandwidth, one daily CPU hour, and 256MB of RAM.
  • Immediate activation and domain connection – Thanks to the no-fuss, easy-to-use interface, it took me just a few minutes to get started, configure a domain, and connect it. I had a test WordPress website running shortly after.
  • Usage and operation statistics – Each CloudSite offers detailed information on its operation. Use it to survey your CPU consumption, understand how visitors interact with your project, and diagnose potential issues.
  • Advanced options available – Upgrading to a paid plan will give you access to a bigger pool of resources, full website availability, 64bit CPU technology, email services, and more.

2. Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Fast, Reliable, Secure, and Free to Try

Amazon’s premier cloud web service, AWS, is divided into three products: Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Elastic Beanstalk, and Lightsail. The last two are designed as easy-to-use platforms that utilize the cloud computing resources that EC2 provides.

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