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Best Web Hosting Offers

Check out these handy picked web hosting coupons and special offers that you will not find anywhere else. Why pay full price? Get the best web hosting for your website and save! These 3 companies are accredited businesses by BBB.org and have A+ rating for their services.

WEBHOSTINGHUB SPECIAL OFFER Get $2 off per month on Personal web hosting. INMOTIONHOSTING SPECIAL OFFER Get $1 off per month on Business web hosting. HOSTGATOR COUPON Get 20% off per month on Unlimited web hosting.

Domain Name Availability Check

This tool was develop with the help from ArchyStudio.Based on your query, PCNames.com checks whether .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .us, .mobi and .name domain names are available for registration.

The domain search results appear almost instantly.

Understanding Different Web Hosting Types

Web hosting is a diverse industry, with specific plans that are designed to accommodate the needs of a broad range of clients. For this reason, there are many types of web hosting plans available. The type of hosting plan that you choose should depend upon a variety of factors, such as your needs as a webmaster, the anticipated requirements of your web sites, and your budget among others.

Deciding upon a web hosting type can be quite difficult, especially when you are not familiar with the various web hosting types. The following information can help you become familiar with the three main types of web hosting: shared, VPS and dedicated hosting.

Shared Web Hosting for Blogs & Personal Websites

Shared web hosting is a type of hosting in which a single web server is shared amongst many webmasters at once. This is usually the cheapest type of web hosting and is perfect for personal web site owners that are not in need of extensive resources.

Most people start their internet endeavors with a shared web hosting plan before moving onto more comprehensive solutions when upgrading. If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to host your web sites, then you may want to consider shared web hosting for your personal web sites. With shared web hosting, you’ll have access to a plethora of unlimited features that can be shared amongst as many of your web sites as you’d like.

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